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Ever heard that a border of two countries is an archipelago of Islands? No? Well, a part of USA & Canada border is the renowned 1000 islands. This amazing assortment of islands has more than 1800 islands collectively. They cover a water based area of approximately 80 Kilometers and are on the waters of St. Lawrence River. The Canadian Islands fall into the Province of Ontario whereas the U.S. islands belong to New York State. The houses on these islands are majorly summer houses used by families owning it for vacationing purpose where you can enjoy your stay when book your America tour packages. An interesting fact is that the Thousand Island dressing is an inspiration and discovered recipe of a resident of these islands.

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One of the exclusive characteristics of these islands is that twenty of the islands collaborate and form 1000 island national park which incidentally is also the oldest national park in Canadian Side. The National Park is home ground for various camping, hiking, trekking and backpacking activities and also possesses a heritage building which is let out for family events. So this must include place include in USA tour Packages from India. The park also has a foot trail for inquisitive nature lovers to explore untouched natural beauty. On the USA side there are about 30 National parks which are harbored within these islands.

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One of the most fascinating facts of 1000 island is the bridge which connects Canada & USA. This bridge which happens to be on Zavikon Island is an international boundary since it connects two countries and it happens to be the world’s shortest international footbridge. The islands which are connected through this bridge are Zaikon Island in Canadian territory and Little Zaikon Island in the U.S. territory. 

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1000 islands are not mere collection of islands but it does have some enchanting landmarks in the form of castles and fortresses. Each of these mansions is rare and exclusive in the sense that it has a history and architectural viewpoints on its constructions. Some of the most famous castles are – “Singer Island” on Dark Island, Boldt Castle on Heart Island and Old Stone mill National Historic Site. The islands are also famous for the museums which exhibit the early life of settlers and it is must see place include in US tour package.

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To enjoy this marvelous creation of nature and get the best out of it during US tour packages. There is an exhilarating experience awaiting its visitors – The 1000 island cruise. These cruises take you through the best scenic points on the islands and they are variations on same lovely theme. A person can opt for evening cruise with dinner or your compelling morning or afternoon sightseeing cruise. Each experience will be one of its kind and a must do for any visitor to the islands. So one needs to lose their inhibitions and embark on this one in a lifetime journey which will leave you besotted with best memories ever!!