Thursday, 3 November 2016

Top Four New Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is place where some or the other thing keeps developing. It is a land where no place remains stagnant. With all the amazing attractions that the city already has, it keeps adding other attractions! It has a lot of projects coming up which will make your experience in Dubai tour packages even more memorable.

Dubai Miracle Garden:
Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden. It is a soothing beauty to your eyes with more than 72,000 square metres of land filled with some 109 million flowers planted on it. It also has the world’s largest flower wall with a circumference of 1 Kilometre. Something unique about the garden is that it recycles water and uses the drip irrigation method. The garden also has a beautiful souvenir shop here from where you can buy some awesome gifts for your loved ones. To add to it, there is a Butterfly Garden with some of the most beautiful butterflies that you will ever see. It is a sheer delight!
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Legoland Dubai:
The Legoland Dubai is a park which is one of its kinds because it’s a Legoland water park. The park has some 40 Lego-based rides! It is a place where kids will have the best time of their lives. The park is divided into six parts namely Factory, Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and Miniland. It has some 15000 Lego models and 60 million Lego bricks. It is newly opened and is the perfect place to be with your kids! Enjoy With Dubai Tour Packages.
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IMG Worlds of Adventure:
IMG Worlds of Adventure is world’s largest indoor theme park. This theme park has four theme zones namely Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard and Lost Valley Dinosaur. The park covers an area of 1.5 million square feet and the temperature of the entire place is controlled. It has some amazing spine-tingling rides for everybody. Apart from the thrilling rides, the IMG Worlds of Adventure also hosts various live shows with some awesome dancing, music and some spectacular acrobatics too!
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Bollywood Park:
The Bollywood Park showcases the bright colours of the film industry based in Mumbai. It is the world’s first Bollywood based theme park and is spread over the area of 1.7 million square feet.  The place has to serve some of the most spectacular entertainment, food, live shows and much more, all based on the theme of Bollywood. This park is also home to some sixteen cinematic rides totally based on the theme of our beloved Bollywood.
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Dubai just doesn’t stop here! Many other attractions are coming up very soon. Attractions like Dubai Frame which is a huge frame where people can take panoramic pictures of the entire city, Dubai Eye which would be the world’s largest Ferris wheel, Dubai Safari, Dubai Opera House, etc are also much anticipated attractions that are going to open soon, making Dubai the perfect destination with Dubai Packages for your next vacation!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Check out these hidden destinations from Valparai to Kochi

For all the travel enthusiasts, Western Ghats have been extremely exciting, especially when planning to see the natural beauty of Kerala. Why not travel a road trip from Valparai to Kerala? You might have compared destinations in a custom Kerala tour package from AhmedabadHowever, the road trip from Valparai to Kochi and vice versa is something you would like to cherish for life. Driving through zig-zag roads and passing through waterfalls, birds, greeneries, wild animals, tea estate, dense forests, and more, is an experience of lifetime.

This is not all. We have got for you a list of unexplored places that you can visit during this road trip.

Ezhattumugham is a perfect weekend destination in Ernakulum wherein you can relish the cool natural waterfall surrounded by lush green surroundings. The small waterfall resulting in flowing natural water makes this place splendid. Adding to this are mesmerizing places of Ezhattumugham, Kumbalamudi hills, and tree houses present nearby.

Athirapally is the lightening pearl of tourism within Kerala. The beauty of Athirapally lies in the river originating from Western Ghats and flowing through Vazhachal forest towards Arabian Sea. Anamudi Mountain appears awesome when you see water flowing out, especially when waterfalls and dense forest present around.

Peringalkuthu dam is another great place to check out for. This is a dam present in the Trissur district and present over Chalakkudy River. This is also the first hydro electric power station based in Kerala. You need special permissions to enter this dam. With a height of 23 meter, the dam made of concrete gravity is 290 meter in length. Additionally this place has been also reserved as a bird sanctuary from pastfew years.

Sholayar dam is another exciting place to visit, and also among the longest dams present in the country.Another dam constructed over chalakku, this is a dam situated 30 km away from Valparai town. Since it lies on the Tamil Nadu and Kerala border, it is an easy weekend getaway for both Tamilians and Malyali people. The water capacity in this dam is 160 ft. You can also enjoy Dream World water theme park lying on the way.

Want to check out this trip? Plan out things accordingly.

Valparai is situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu while Kochi in the Indian state of Kerala. Whether on a random Kerala tour package from Ahmedabad, or roaming across Tamil Nadu, you do need to travel either ways by road for an ultimate experience of lifetime.Both have its share of sightseeing places,however if not visited this route you are surely missing on a couple of places, which will surely be something youwill be talking about to your social circles. Jut to wind up things; these are the places worth avisit:
  • Ezhattumugham falls
  • Athirapally falls
  • Peringalkuthu dam
  • Sholayar dam

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Top 3 Attractions Which Can Make Your Heart Skip A Beat When You Are in Singapore and Malaysia

Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai

Whenever you talk about Asia, the mere mention of Singapore and Malaysia puts up a spark on the faces, for these two destinations are indeed the best travel destinations that one looks ahead to, ALWAYS. Singapore has its own ways to lure you over and win hearts in its own subtle way, whereas Malaysia is a destination which will make you fall in love with itself at the very first insight you get into it. But before this whole trip unfolds, all you need to do is avail the Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai as the Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai are one of the best packages which can literally swipe you off your feet. So here is a list of some interesting places that Singapore and Malaysia has in store for you :

Singapore Malaysia Packages
Singapore Botanic Gardens : Singapore Botanic Garden is one of those botanic gardens in the world which has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. For all the right reasons, Singapore Botanic Gardens will literally amuse you. The garden was established in 1860 and is also home to National Orchid Garden which is equally attractive. There is a vast amount of flora and fauna that is present there which symbolizes uniqueness and also there are some rare species of vegetation that grows making it a place to be visited.

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Gardens by the Bay : Gardens by the Bay is just too beautiful to be called as beautiful as the visual appearance of this place is just too appealing and is literally like a fairytale land which is spreaded over 101 hectares area of land. You can also find some amazing views  while you are here and in it. There is a Flower Dome here which shows the climate of the world and also there is this Cloud Forest which is equally attractive.

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Petronas Towers : Petronas Towers are just an example of how beautiful the architectural brilliance of a place can actually be, being so beautiful and tall. Petronas Towers just looks to magnificent when the night appears and the tall two minarets that are shown, rising high above all the other buildings, standing tall makes Malaysia proud. The Petronas Towers is the tallest twin tower in the world with upto 88 storeys, each of them being rich in its own very way. The minarets show and reflect Islamic culture as well.   

The author of this article is Vishal who is very much impressed by the way Singapore and Malaysia have been attracting tourists not only from Asia but from the entire world. Moreover, Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai is just a get-way into the best of cities and places as Singapore Malaysia Packages makes travelling even more easier and better.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

4 place to visit in New Zealand Tour

New Zealand is the land of Kiwis, which are birds that cannot fly and also are depleting in numbers by time. Kiwis are not the only thing that is unique to NZ, it also has a Māori culture, which is more of fascinating to the mass than a little bit shocking. All across NZ you can hear Māori language, join in Māori feasts, watch Māori TV or maybe catch a cultural performance, which has Māori songs accompanied by their very own haka that is war dance. You might not want to get one, but they do have the traditional tattoo ta moko, which is usually done on face. The NZ chefs have also started taking their bland food to match the modern world’s food standard with their mouth-watering seafood dishes like paua, kina, kumara, etc. NZ’s wineries have contributed so much in filling up the excellence filled Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. A few things you might want to include in your New Zealand tour package from Mumbai

Bay of Islands


This is a place, which is of high historical significance. This place was NZ’s first permanent British settlement and so is the place where the European colonization first bloomed in the country. This is also the place where the treaty of Waitangi was signed in the year 1840. Bay of islands is considered to be the first in the tourist attractions in NZ. Its blue water is decorated with over 150- undeveloped islands. Out of these, Paihia offers some of the best and affordable places to crash for the night, water sports and boat trips are the most popular here.

Abel Tasman National Park


This park covers the northern end of mountains that also covers Kahurangi National Park, it is famous for the coastal track and sure does deserve end up in the itinerary of your New Zealand tour package from Mumbai.


A very few places in the world are home to so many different wild animals as this place has, this includes whale, NZ fur seals, penguins, dolphins, petrels, shearwaters and a lot of species of albatross live in this habitat. This place is a paradise for anyone who loves spotting wildlife and that too in this raw habitat.

Waitomo Caves

Dark and damp tunnels, picturing this can bring a fictional image of hell to anybody’s mind. This caves are natural creation of limestone and are filled of glowing bugs. Waitomo is made of Wai (which is water) and tomo (which is hole). There are 300 of total caves in this region. Three main caves- Raukuri, Aranui and Glowworm has been a host to the visitors for more than 100 years. All the description above, and you might presume the place as a claustrophobic one, but no the place is electrically lit and is big enough for you to not feel choked in here.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Shopping Culture of Dubai

If you ever think that Dubai is only a place to go into the malls and eat at all those fancy restaurants then you surely might have never witnessed the real Dubai,with certain places that are so awesome for shopping that they will literally spoil you for choices with a multitude of things that they have. Dubai Tour Packages from Mumbai are just another word for making your trip down to this place nothing short of a magnificent one. So lets take a look at some of these places : 

DUBAI MALL : With upto 1200 stores this is not simply a mall,but it looks as a small town.TH main attraction of this place is a large aquarium which is too large for the word large and also upto 150 food outlets and theme parks apart from the regular things that you see inside a mall.

WEST LA BOUTIQUE : This place is surely going to give you chills down your spine,as this place has an eccentric vibe.Popular amongst the hipster crowd,the best part is that you got varieties at quite reasonable rates.

As grand as it might sound,it surely is grand and has retail options available right from the streets of Dubai to haute culture.The indoor Ski-Dubai is a major non shopping attraction of this place.

If you have ever wondered and wished to wear those white long robes then fulfil your dream of wearing those in this place.This place is mostly known for its traditional wear and has outlets which are both national and international.A lovely place to spend your shopping desires at.

The author of this article is Vishal who seems to be loving the various sides that are being shown up by Dubai and strongly believes that a cherry would be added on top of this whole trip if one goes out and avails Dubai Tour Packages from Mumbai.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Switzerland is a very unique country. It has beautiful untouched places which will leave you amazed at how the world has been created so grab the first opportunity you can of any Switzerland tour and head off to see the natures wonders. Switzerland has officially been given the title of the happiest country in the world so what exactly is making everyone so happy in Switzerland? Let us see some things that you will enjoy to experience in this enchanting country.


Beautiful would still be not enough to describe this places beauty. A hike along the mountains and valleys breathing in the freshest air will leave you purified inside, out. It’s a challenge for trekkers at all stages. Spot some inhabitant animals there too! Take any Switzerland tour but do not miss out on a hike however it be!

Switzerland is also filled with lot of tradition experience the folk dance there with the music and play some traditional sport to like swizz wrestling or swizz flag all to give you a joy of learning something new.

Switzerland has some unique village life that’s for sure and if you get a chance to experience it even if you go through Switzerland tours you should feel absolutely fortunate! You will be able to unwind and ditch the city and trust me it will feel amazing to take a break from the daily hustle bustle.

Like common who doesn't know about the mouth smacking delicious swizz chocolate, something special that Switzerland has to offer and if you aren't packed with chocolates on your return to home then the trip you have taken with any Switzerland tour packages would end up waste so don’t forget!