Top 3 Attractions Which Can Make Your Heart Skip A Beat When You Are in Singapore and Malaysia

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Whenever you talk about Asia, the mere mention of Singapore and Malaysia puts up a spark on the faces, for these two destinations are indeed the best travel destinations that one looks ahead to, ALWAYS. Singapore has its own ways to lure you over and win hearts in its own subtle way, whereas Malaysia is a destination which will make you fall in love with itself at the very first insight you get into it. But before this whole trip unfolds, all you need to do is avail the Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai as the Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai are one of the best packages which can literally swipe you off your feet. So here is a list of some interesting places that Singapore and Malaysia has in store for you :

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Singapore Botanic Gardens : Singapore Botanic Garden is one of those botanic gardens in the world which has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. For all the right reasons, Singapore Botanic Gardens will literally amuse you. The garden was established in 1860 and is also home to National Orchid Garden which is equally attractive. There is a vast amount of flora and fauna that is present there which symbolizes uniqueness and also there are some rare species of vegetation that grows making it a place to be visited.

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Gardens by the Bay : Gardens by the Bay is just too beautiful to be called as beautiful as the visual appearance of this place is just too appealing and is literally like a fairytale land which is spreaded over 101 hectares area of land. You can also find some amazing views  while you are here and in it. There is a Flower Dome here which shows the climate of the world and also there is this Cloud Forest which is equally attractive.

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Petronas Towers : Petronas Towers are just an example of how beautiful the architectural brilliance of a place can actually be, being so beautiful and tall. Petronas Towers just looks to magnificent when the night appears and the tall two minarets that are shown, rising high above all the other buildings, standing tall makes Malaysia proud. The Petronas Towers is the tallest twin tower in the world with upto 88 storeys, each of them being rich in its own very way. The minarets show and reflect Islamic culture as well.   

The author of this article is Vishal who is very much impressed by the way Singapore and Malaysia have been attracting tourists not only from Asia but from the entire world. Moreover, Singapore Malaysia Packages from Mumbai is just a get-way into the best of cities and places as Singapore Malaysia Packages makes travelling even more easier and better.