4 place to visit in New Zealand Tour

New Zealand is the land of Kiwis, which are birds that cannot fly and also are depleting in numbers by time. Kiwis are not the only thing that is unique to NZ, it also has a Māori culture, which is more of fascinating to the mass than a little bit shocking. All across NZ you can hear Māori language, join in Māori feasts, watch Māori TV or maybe catch a cultural performance, which has Māori songs accompanied by their very own haka that is war dance. You might not want to get one, but they do have the traditional tattoo ta moko, which is usually done on face. The NZ chefs have also started taking their bland food to match the modern world’s food standard with their mouth-watering seafood dishes like paua, kina, kumara, etc. NZ’s wineries have contributed so much in filling up the excellence filled Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. A few things you might want to include in your New Zealand tour package from Mumbai

Bay of Islands


This is a place, which is of high historical significance. This place was NZ’s first permanent British settlement and so is the place where the European colonization first bloomed in the country. This is also the place where the treaty of Waitangi was signed in the year 1840. Bay of islands is considered to be the first in the tourist attractions in NZ. Its blue water is decorated with over 150- undeveloped islands. Out of these, Paihia offers some of the best and affordable places to crash for the night, water sports and boat trips are the most popular here.

Abel Tasman National Park


This park covers the northern end of mountains that also covers Kahurangi National Park, it is famous for the coastal track and sure does deserve end up in the itinerary of your New Zealand tour package from Mumbai.


A very few places in the world are home to so many different wild animals as this place has, this includes whale, NZ fur seals, penguins, dolphins, petrels, shearwaters and a lot of species of albatross live in this habitat. This place is a paradise for anyone who loves spotting wildlife and that too in this raw habitat.

Waitomo Caves

Dark and damp tunnels, picturing this can bring a fictional image of hell to anybody’s mind. This caves are natural creation of limestone and are filled of glowing bugs. Waitomo is made of Wai (which is water) and tomo (which is hole). There are 300 of total caves in this region. Three main caves- Raukuri, Aranui and Glowworm has been a host to the visitors for more than 100 years. All the description above, and you might presume the place as a claustrophobic one, but no the place is electrically lit and is big enough for you to not feel choked in here.