Norway A Lifetime Memorable Destination
Norway is the most memorable destination and one of the beautiful countries on the globe. The beauty of Norway is difficult to explain it, there are many fjords with deep sea cut in to interior. It is also a land of glaciers which also increases the glory of the place, these large ice steeps make the travellers to try skiing in winters. You a have an experience of snowy mountains and being the colder climate you can even see the wild animals such as polar bears, rein deer’s etc. it is the landmark for unique architecture and Scandinavian flair culture followed from ages with calendar full of festival, which shows the natural beauty of Norway with those vibrant cultures. Norway could be an expensive destination but it will be worth spending your money on that destination, it gives you a life time memories.
Main things you can experience in Norway
  • You can see many fjords all around the Norway which are also main reason to increase the beauty of the Norway
  • You can experience glaciers where water freezes in the peak winter season which makes the natural beauty of Norway even more glorious
  • You can also see many snowy mountains where the skiing can be done beat time to visit this place is June to September
  • You can even experience many of the wild animals like polar beers, rein deer’s which mainly seen in the cold and snowy places
  • You can even experience the beautiful lights in the sky which are formed due to the collision of gaseous particles in the atmosphere and particles that are released from sun, the colour of lights may vary depending up on the layer where collision occurs this is called as Arora borealis
  • Norway is popularly called as land of midnight sun because day light continues for 20 hours during summer season
  • You can also can do mountain climbing, visiting national parks and also experience watching whales from the nearest distance by whale safari
Plan a perfect trip to Norway
It is important to plan properly for a Norway tour from India, many travel services are available offering Norway tour packages. Depending on the traveller’s budget, the length of the travel and accommodation type can be selected. Preferable season to visit Norway is during June to September. The packages may also vary based on how many days you stay, like 4 days package to 12 days package. You can get luxury hotels and affordable hotels as well. Summer season is famous for watching fjord, snorkelling, under water diving, whale safari, midnight sun tour etc. winter season is famous for watching glaciers, snowy mountains, skiing, mountain climbing etc. depending up on the interest and personal choice one can choose any season to visit Norway. You can get different types of packages depending up on different season choices. If you want to have a long trip around the Norway you can even have a choice of planning trip for Denmark and Finland along with the Norway because these places are nearby to Norway so that you can enjoy long holiday trip.