Switzerland: Heaven on earth

Switzerland tour packages
If you’re looking forward to being at a place that gives you one of the best travel experiences then Switzerland is the holiday destination for you. This European Country is sure to mesmerize you with its lakes, High peaks of the Alps and its beautiful villages and old towns. Switzerland tour packages have made it very convenient in planning how to go around exploring this beautiful country.

Switzerland is known for its natural beauty and clean, green environment. There is no doubt on why people love to pick Switzerland tour packages. Some of the amazing destinations from the country are,

In between lake Brienz and lake Thun, lies Interlaken. It is a place of international importance and a popular holiday destination. Three mountains Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger surround this place. The historic paddle steamers ply in the lakes of Brienz and Thun. Interlaken has a lot of options for hiking and excursions that makes it an ideal point to start for Switzerland tour packages.

Zurich is at the center of Switzerland and lies in the heart of Europe. Zurich has a mixture of great attractions to offer. It offers an amazing view of snowcapped Alps. It has more then 100 art galleries and over 50 museums making it a place for lovers of art. Zurich offers peace and also at the same time, a great nightlife. It is the most popular destination for nightlife in Switzerland. Through its international airport, Zurich is connected to as many as 150 destinations. With other good connectivity options, Zurich is a place that is very easy to reach. Zurich adds to the magic of Switzerland tour packages.

Bern is the Capital of Switzerland. It is one of the few cities that has successfully preserved and maintained its heritage. Its 6 kilometers of arcades or ‘Lauben’ as the locals call it, is considered one of the longest, shopping promenades of Europe. Bern is home to historic towers, small streets, many fountains and sandstone facades, which adds for a unique experience. Bern is the gateway to the Alps. It is conveniently located and has great connectivity. Bern cannot be missed out on Switzerland tour packages.

These destinations are just a few out of the many amazingly beautiful places to visit in Switzerland. You can also look forward to visiting Davos, Geneva, Lausanne, Zermatt and many others. You can choose a convenient option from Switzerland tour packages and plan your perfect holiday.