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The Royal Yacht Britannia is the former royal yacht of the Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II and was in service between 1954 and 1997. The Her Majesty’s Yacht Mary was the first royal yacht in the history of British monarchy. It was gifted to King Charles II on his restoration as the King of Britain by the Dutch in 1660. Since then the list of royal yachts has been growing with time. In all, there have been 83 yachts in the royal service. In 1997, Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia was withdrawn from active service but there was no replacement. Since then, there are no British royal yachts one can saw on Europe tour; however, MV Hebridean Princess has been chartered twice by the Royal Family in 2006 and 2010. Royal Yacht Britannia was constructed by John Brown & Co. Ltd in Clydebank. It was launched by Queen Elizabeth II on 16 April 1953, and put in to service on 11 January 1954.

It was designed in such a way that it could be converted into a hospital ship during wars. However, this functionality was never required.

The crew of the royal yachts came from the Royal Navy. Those who volunteered were put in service as Royal Yachtsmen. Officers were appointed for up to two years, whereas yachtsmen were allowed to serve for 365 days and could be admitted to The Permanent Royal Yacht Service serving for 20 years or more.

The maiden journey of Britannia was from Portsmouth to Grand Harbour, Malta, for 10 days departing on 12th April 1954.
Apart from the royal family, dignitaries who have been on board the yacht include US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. The ship has rescued more than 1,000 refugees during the civil war in Aden in 1986. In all, the royal yacht has been of service to the Queen and the royal family, and other dignitaries on 696 foreign visits of Europe tours and 272 visits in British waters.

The Royal Yacht Britannia is today a major tourist attraction and a must visit place in Edinburgh. It has been judged as the best visitor attraction of Scotland by the national tourism agency Visit Scotland.

To visit the Royal Yacht Britannia one can arrive at Britannia's Visitor Centre in Ocean Terminal, where you get to learn about the history of Royal yachts during europe tour packages, watch displays and historical photographs of the Royal Britannia Yacht.
You can start your tour of Britannia’s five main decks with the audio handset that is included in the admission price from the Gold Level (level 1) so that you can view the impressive State Apartments and the Crew's Quarters and finally finish off the tour at Engine Room.

Amazing waterfront views can be enjoyed in the Royal Deck Tea Room with special teas or coffee, tasty home made scones, soups and sandwiches, all of which is prepared on board. The europe tour from india is complete with a visit to the Gift Shop in Ocean Terminal from where you can buy Britannia souvenirs gifts and toys.