Gustave Eiffel:

Gustave Eiffel was a French engineer born in Dijon, France. He completed his study in 1855. He was interested in construction at very early age of his life. He specialised his career in metal construction mostly in bridges. After moving away from bridge construction he created an interest towards a project which is today the best example of his art-Eiffel Tower. He started in 1887 and finished in 1889. He had constructed this iron structure for 1889 World’s fair.
Problems Which Gustave faced during his Project
France and specifically Paris is known for its beauty and it is the 2nd most important city after Milan in the scene of Fashion which can be visit during Europe tour packges. So when this tower was on the way of construction people of the city were totally against him. Since this monument is exactly in the centre of the city, according to the government it was spoiling the beauty of the city. When Gustave When Gustave reached on the construction of 2nd floor government planned  to demolish the monument. He was so much passionate about his works that he actually started living there at the monument and said that now if you wish to demolish the monument you have to first pass through me. So this is the pure example of his passion for his work. For the people it was just a messy iron structure which was affecting the beauty of the city.
Eiffel Tower Today
Since 1980’s this tower has been regularly renovated, restored and adapted for public. It is basically 3 Floor tower. Each stage is connected with lifts as well as stairs. The most important fact is that Eiffel Tower today still is a private property not the government owned monument. So still it belongs to Gustave Eiffel Family. And this tower must be included in Europe tour packages during your visit to Paris.
1st Floor
New attraction at 1st floor is its transparent glass floor which gives the view of 57 m from ground. On 1st floor there are restaurants, cafes and even you can get the wide range of souvenirs as well.
2nd Floor:
On 2nd floor there are some restaurants, souvenir shops and story window which tells the story of construction of Eiffel tower and explain how the hydraulic lifts takes the visitors at the top of the tower. And we can also see how the current lift works. It gives stunning view from where you are able to understand the beautiful layout of the city.
3rd Floor:
1st and 2nd floor are having an option of spiral stairs to climb the floor but 3rd floor is the floor where you can reach by only spectacular glass lift.after reaching at the height of 180 metre of the top of tower you will be rewarded with the stunning view of Paris and its seine river from top. At the top there is Gustave Eiffel’s office which is restored in its original position.
Tour of Eiffel Tower in Europe Packages:
The ticket offices are located at the pillar of the tower. You just have to find the right queue because there are queues to buy the ticket for lifts and also who wish to climb the stairs. Every evening in the interval of 3 minutes whole tower is been illuminated with wonderful lights. So you can plan your visit in the evening as well to enjoy the beauty of the tower with illumination tour.