Africa Tour – Welcome to nature’s true abode

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When it comes to Africa tour packages, one can always expect the beauty of nature at its best. Africa is clearly one of the biggest continents out here and holds the finest of natures offering in terms of flora and fauna and wild animals that are a delightful sight to behold. Africa is a must visit destination for all travel lovers, adventurous at heart and anyone who wants to race his life through the wilderness.
Three marvels of Africa tour package
south africa tour packages

Do you love gorillas? Africa’s Uganda is one such place where you can find yourself walking amidst the lush green under bushes where suddenly you can see a human like figure gazing at you from a distance. You guessed it right. These are the gorillas who are believed to be our closest ancestors. They usually wander in the mountains of Uganda and if you are lucky enough, you might have a close encounter with them at any point of time during your travel.
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After Uganda, it’s time to move further down the line and reach Zambia – the pride of Africa. Zambia is where you get to see the famous Victoria Falls and lovely sun kissed valleys that will add to the spirit of your adventurous trip for sure. The hills too are covered massively in sandstones and one will be amazed to look at the size and formations which are indeed a marvel of nature.
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Africa is famous for its wild animals like the Cape buffalo, Wild Elephants, and leopards and of course the lions. Together, they offer the finest of Africa’s safari and can be spotted in a lively habitat in a closely monitored reserve park. Next on the south africatour packages, there should be the famous Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The tallest of all mountains in the continent, its heavenly peaks exhibits a pristine blue color that kisses the skyline in its own grandeur and offers a rare moment of beauty for a nature lover, enough to melt his heart away. It also has three distinct volcanic cones lined up right against the white colored peaks and is believed to be one of the most difficult treks to conquer in Africa.