Exciting Europe Tour Packages from Ahmedabad! Don’t Lose This Chance

From Ahmedabad to Europe, no distance is great these days. And what could be a better place to go with your loved ones. With its rich heritage and beautiful landscapes, Europe is a perfect destination to spend your holidays and get cherished memories forever. And with so many great Europe Tour Packages from Ahmedabad coming up, there is no better time to plan your trip than now. Here is a list of what not to miss in your visit.


Famous for its mouth-watering chocolates, it has many chateau and castles as well that make it into a fairy land with their royal gardens. The solitude and greenery that envelopes this country will leave you peaceful and serene. On the other hand, if you like to party with a crowd, the city of Dinant in the Belgium province of Namur with its sparkling river Meuse, Casinos, Jazz clubs, and beer would be your perfect destination.


Known as the place where Pizza got invented, the delicious thin crust pizzas made in the open area ovens of the pizzerias scattered around the streets are not to be missed. Apart from its food, Italy is a home to many famous Italian painters like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Their masterpieces still adore many galleries and museums that are worth looking around. While there, don't miss the Boboli gardens in Florence and the exquisite Roman sculptures from the renaissance age.


‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ featured the La Tomatino festival and the exhilarating bull race tradition of Spain. But if you have more of a subtle taste, you can feast your eyes at the Barcelona Cathedral with its gothic architecture and rich history. And if you have a flair for shopping in style, Passeig de Gràcia just might become your favorite shopping destination.


The dream destination of many, Greece has the most breath-taking cityscapes and seascapes around the world. It is a country steeped in mythology and resonates with its ancient charm. Parthenon, the ancient athenian temple in Athens is one of the places where all this mythology comes alive for one to experience. Another one is the UNESCO listed monastery complex of Meteora. Apart from these, the Imerovigli village on the island of Santorini is a favorite romantic destination of honeymoon couples with its white houses, lovely churches, and beautiful sunsets. The island of Rhode is famous for its ruins, medieval monuments, and blue water beaches.  


Experience the outlandish phenomena of Arctic Northern lights from the Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway. With their florescent colors and erratic patterns, they have mushroomed some of the most fascinating myths about the universe. To add to the experience is their viking history that intrigues one and all. Norway capital city, Oslo has many Viking museums that are famous tourist attractions. Not to forget are the many opportunities one has of trying adventure sports. From hiking, base jumping, and kayaking in Lysefjord to ski jumping, bobsleigh, winter sports, and cross country skiing in Lillehammer, one has extraordinary number of options to choose from.

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