Visit The Top Destinations from Europe Tour Packages

For the first-timer, Europe opens eyes to new experiences, vivid culture, astonishing landscapes, and even history that changed the face of the entire continent and beyond. There are various places in Europe and not just the ones made famous by Hollywood movies alone that are far more enjoyable and very vibrant. 

From the spiraling towers in Belgium to the laid-back walk along the coast in Croatia or even get soaked in the historical heritage of England, or even get romantic in the city of Romance - Paris.
But if you are still concerned about which places to pick on your Europe Tour Packages, then here’s a little bit of the other spots that you can definitely make a trip this year.
  • Iceland: One of the most scenic places in Europe is Iceland, complete with mountains, like Landmannalaugar, or Strokkur geysers, or even Skaftafell ice cave are places that would swoon the adventurer in you.
  • Turkey: From the legendary Hagia Sophia to the ancient wonder of the world, the Artemis Temple ruins, the Grand Bazaar, to the 16th century Ottoman Suleymaniye Mosque, Turkey is superb for the history lover.
  • France: From the iconic Louvre museum, to the iconic Notre Dame church, to the lover’s paradise, Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, you shall get to see all of these spots on your Europe Tour Packages from India.
  • Greece: The blue and white plain homes along the Greek coast of Santorini, to the picture perfect Skopelos, to the idyllic coast of Symi, you have everything for the coast lovers. Historically speaking also, you have the 5th Century Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon or possibly visit the ancient temples too.
  • England: Europe tour packages are incomplete without visiting England. Whether you want to visit the Tower of London, or hop on to the London Eye for a panoramic view of the city of London or even catch the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace, or pose next to your favorite international celebrity’s wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s museum.
There’s more to Europe and this is just a glimpse of what are surely to please every tourist from any part of the world.