3 Undeniably Beautiful Places to Witness on Your Thailand Tour

Known for its tropical beaches, ruins and remnants of ancient times, huge royal palaces, and history of Buddha’s life story temples, Thailand has also emerged as the spot of commercial hubs. Apart from that, it’s the beautiful sights of the beaches, the well constructed parks and hundreds and hundreds of years old temple standing straight who had been the witness of the times Buddha. People from all over the globe checks these places as priority in their Thailand Tour where they get to see the traces of old and esteemed images of Buddha and even the original murals.

Visit these mind-blowing places on your Thailand Tour.

Railay Beach

Also known as Rai Leh, one of the small peninsular areas located right in the midst of Ao Nang and Krabi Province is the mesmerizing Railay Beach. It claims to be the most visited jungle gym for those people who are much fanatic about rock-climbing. This paradise slice is filled with the sandy gaps and due to the presence of high amount of limestone cliffs, Railay Beach can be accessed only by boats. Impossible to miss on your Thailand Tour where Railay Beach on the West has a beautifying sandy beach perfect for the people who love to stay in waters or just swim, Railay on the East is apparently dry but very well-known among the foodies for its Reggae bars and other awesome restaurants and small food joints.

Lumphini Park

The paradise of Bangkok and named after Buddha’s birthplace, Lumphini Park owns a public space, playgrounds and trees consisting of artificial lakes where visitors love to go for a boat ride. Where the paddleboats are made for the lovers and the newlyweds, huge parks are also being constructed for the kids to play and have their own time. Also do not forget to check out the lip-smacking delicious Thai Cuisine in your Thailand Tour.

Wat Umong Temple

Said to be 700-year-old Buddhist temple located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Wat Umong holds its historic identity of having the ancient chedi and sylvan set in the forest rising above the worm holed brick platform constructed for the travelers. You get the opportunity to feed the turtles, colorful fish, and sprawling ducks in that large pond. Make sure you tick visiting Wat Umong Temple during your Thailand Tour to see the Talking trees which is said to have words of wisdom in both English and Thai languages. Where the “Wat” is known for its large stupas and ancient tunnels, you will feel lucky to see the fasting Bodhisattva, Buddha field of broken sculpture and Spiritual Theatre of Buddha Paintings and a huge library affluent with books on Buddha and its collections right in front of your eyes.