Norway- The Most Underrated Yet Exceptionally Beautiful Place to Visit

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” or we can say, these days it is in the eyes of a friend clicking ‘like’ on your social media posts.
Yes, today we have become so virtually obsessed with garnering attention from everyone through the number of thumbs on Facebook and hearts on Instagram.
We wish to flaunt our popularity and show how happening our life with every picture or video we post.
Don’t you also wish the same?
You may respond with a resounding yes… ;)
Then why not post incredible images of stunning views and landscapes that will make your peer group envious of you.
Just head to Norway and be a part of this incredibly serene and gorgeous place. From its famed fjords and magnificent mountains to picturesque cities, Norway is simply one of the beautiful countries in the world.
Other than the pictures that are guaranteed to get likes, Norway tour has many reasons to let you book your next flight there:
Lofoten Islands- A group of islands in the northern part of the country, Lofoten is renowned for excellent fishing and nature attractions. The islands are wrapped across the tempestuous waters of the Norwegian Sea, above the Arctic Circle. It offers an unimpeded landscape of majestic mountains, surf-swept beaches and screeching seabird colonies. If you seek an extraordinary nature experience, this place will not let you down. Due to its diverse landscape, one can go hiking, skiing, ocean rafting and scuba diving too. 
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Bryggen, Bergen- Bryggen is one of the main attractions of Norway. It was built after the great fire in 1702 and is also included on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. When it comes to explore all the historic attractions of this place, you can start with Meeting Point Bryggen at Bryggens Museum. There is also a visitor centre in Bryggestredet in the middle of Bryggen, which can be explored well with the help of a brochure.
norway tour packagesGeirangerfjord The unique and exceptionally beautiful place, Geirangerfjord has never failed to impress its visitors. Popular as the “The pearl of the fjords”, this place is surrounded by the snow-covered mountain peaks, lush-green vegetation and wild waterfalls. There you can find the mighty waterfalls, “the Seven Sisters”, "Baby's Breath" and "the Suitor".
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Till then have a boastful Journey.