Must Visit Sightings Of Switzerland Tour

A home to innumerable villages, lakes, high peaks of the Alps, old towns with traces of medieval era, Switzerland is the mountainous country located at the centre of Europe. Hiking trails, Ski resorts and other adventurous sports are a non-stop show in the city because of the presence of those mystic mountains. People from all over the world make sure that they take a trip to Switzerland, the hub of banking and finance sector and well known for its silky smooth chocolates, Swiss watches, multilingualism, lofty experience. Chalk out a good plan for Switzerland Tour and check out all the attractions as much as possible.

Switzerland tour

Drench yourself in the mystic and historical places in your Switzerland Tour.

Mount Pilatus

Dominating Lucerne from the southern west direction, Mount Pilatus standing at the soaring height of more than 2000 meters is located right at the center of Switzerland. Composed of several summits out of which Tomlishorn and Esel are the highest ones, Mount Pilatus is said to have rose in the 19th century and was named after Pontius Pilate. Let your adventurous version come out of you and get yourself in trekking on this mysterious mountain with your Switzerland Tour.

Lake Geneva

The crescent shaped enormous mirror like lake and the most visited vacation destination, Lake Geneva is located in the mid of West of Switzerland and East of France. The tourists on their Switzerland Tour get to spectare the evergreen vineyards spread in the steepy slopes of the Lavaux area. Lake Geneva is ornate with City Lausanne and serene small towns, making the view look more and more graceful.


Artistically covered with wooden footbridge crossing River Reuss diagonally is the Kapellbrücke located in the City Lucerne. According to the history, this creaky wooden footbridge was built in the era of 14th century with an octagonal water tower. Later in 1993, a gabled roof-top was made on its reconstruction due to the disastrous fire accident. The triangular rooftop depicts the important events from the historical and mythological times of Switzerland. Hence, Kapellbrücke just can’t be missed on your Switzerland Tour.