Every country in this world displays a certain kind of diversity and natural richness.Talking about South Africa,when the major chunk of the area is filled with natural vegetation and wild-life.This place offers more to it than it looks like.A place and a hub for wild-life photographers and enthusiasts,you might find lensmen shooting off with their varied angles to capture some of the magnificent shots.Travellers and tourists from all over the place come here in search of something extra-ordinary and different from what they had been experiencing everywhere.Though we can’t call this place to be as one of the places that shall provide you with serenity and peace,this place can surely live up to the expectation of giving you a surreal experience.Looking at the other side of South Africa,there is an awesome nightlife for you to relax your senses at and dwell into the sheer beauty of the magic woven in the urban cities.South Africa Tour Packages can make your trip even interesting,moreover South Africa tour packages can give you nostalgic deals you might love at the very go.So be sure that you get to see the best of South Africa when you visit these places :


Mostly referred to as cape point,this large section of mountain table park contains all the things that are needed to lure a tourist comprising of scintillating scenery,fantastic walks,great beaches and some spectacular sights for bird-watching.There are pre-bookings that are required for the Cape Of Good Hope Trial.You can also spend your nights at the protea huts which are quite famous or you can also stay in Restio huts,both of them are surely going to provide you with an amzing experience altogether.There are bus tours that are frequent but if you are into adventure,do ot think twice before cycling or hiking your way down to this place as the experience that it provides you will be beyond comparison.The cliffs pounding to the ocean is yet another point you should look forward to.



A mining exploration that was an accident,years and decades ago,the world’s largest hand dug hole has now become a tourist attraction giving an evidence of it in Kimberley.The whole tour starts off with an amazing experience wherein initially you are provided with an insight and a short film about the mining conditions and later one you will find a lift taking you down to give you an experience of the mining area by providing you with an audio visual treat wherein you get to know the condition in which the diamond workers usually worked.You can also pay a visit to the exhibition center after you are done with everything as you will get to learn more than you expect.


Aren’t penguins too cute..And what better place on this earth to be near a bunch full of penguins all around.Some 3 kms east of Simon’s Town this picturesque area with enormous boulders dividing small ,sandy coves is home to a delightful range of penguins that might just swipe you off your feet.You can also get down and mingle with the penguins who wont disappoint you in any way.You will find many photographers taking pictures of these delightful sights.A perfect pleasure to the eyes and quite a rare sight.These aquatic birds finally have a place to be.You can also find good accommodation and lovely food near this place,which can wrap up this whole experience on a very high note..


There is enough to keep you occupied here full day,at this vast estate just west of Franschhoek.You can find excellent wines that are here.Wines that can easily make your day,the options are not one but there are many.The restaurant is named after South African artist Jacob Hendrik Pierneef and a collection of his work is on show at the on-site museum.There is also a starting point for you to take you to a historical walk of all the lovely places.There Is also a lovely farm that is spread oput,you can burn your calories there if you think you have indulged yourself into too much of eating.With an awesome wine experience and a great taste of food,this place by all means serves up to be the most chilled out places in South Africa where you can simply pass off a day quietly.

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The author of this article is Vishal and according to him South Africa Tour Packages is just a getway into the awesome land.He has experienced things very different here and believes that the trip was just a super exceptional one compared to all the places that he has visited till now.Full credits to South Africa Tour Packages for making it even more awesome and on an altogether new level.